Main Contracting

"To carry out quality construction projects by directly employing a 'multi-disipline' workforce and carefully managing the construction process."

Cornhill Building Services was founded in 1994 on the above principle. Today, this principle remains at the core of our company, providing us with a solid base from which we have steadily grown.

Christ Church, Napier Screen, Castle Street

Our directly employed trades include:

Company turnover has risen steadily over the last 10 years in line with our planned expansion. Turnover to October 2005 was approx 10m.

Current projects range from 100,000 Local Authority/University Refurbishments to 2.1m residential developments. We have carried out complex refurbishment projects for different sectors (office/commercial/retail/local authority/University) and our staff are very experienced in all types of construction project.

Our head office resources complete our management team and provide the necessary back up to our Site Managers and Contracts Managers. Estimating, Health and Safety, Surveying and Contract Management are all based at our Head Office to provide the necessary on site support.